Monday, March 10, 2008

"Nah, she looks to pure to be pink!"

Below is an excerpt from a post that has been sitting unpublished in my list of rainy day posts for a few weeks now. I wrote this shortly after I had been shopping with my sister and friend and got dirty looks for rejecting dresses as "too bridal."

"One of the problems with reading wedding blogs and wedding magazines is that you stumble upon so many people that are cooler than you. After I saw Style Me Pretty's feature on The Unbride, by photographer Justine Ungaro, I found yet another Rizzo to my Frenchy. According to her web site, I am an 'Unbride.' YEAH! Take THAT tradition! I crush you with my brightly-colored shoe.

- she’s probably not super young (grrrrlllll, okay?) or the first of her friends to be married

- perhaps she’s just a little bit (or a lot) jaded about the whole wedding machine
- she wants the vibe of the wedding to represent the personal style of the couple rather than trying to create a “fairy tale”
- she wants to vomit if a wedding is referred to as a “fairy tale”
- on that note, anything princessy has to go…no tiaras here
- menu choices might be unusual or presented in a different format
- the invitation might not even resemble an invitation
- some traditional wedding etiquette might be thrown out the window altogether
- the day’s/ evenings events might be rearranged somehow
- the gown might be “different” - short, colored, sexy, crazy, unusual, not a gown at all?"

So imagine my surprise when I checked out her new blog, Unveiled Society, tonight and saw my blog featured front and center. Yeah! I feel like Dirrrty Sandy. Too bad I have a big embosser in the screen shot she used. Embossers are BAD ASS!

P.S. I have to admit that I often wonder if people call me "sassy" to be polite. Kind of like when you describe relatives as "eccentric."


Justine Ungaro said...

Sassy as in sharp & stylish. :)
xo, Riz

Tara said...

you are hilarious. and sassy is fun.