Friday, May 30, 2008


Update: Windy City Wedding recommended this place for totes -- 94 cents instead of $1.29. Thanks!

I just walked down to Strange Cargo** to do a trial run of the OOT totes. Unfortunately, I love them. And I only say unfortunately because I don't like the price tag. The manager seemed to like the idea. He liked the tote (props to Darcy) and I got the impression that he was going to look into them for himself.

We'll have to see what the hotel numbers look like closer to the date. If it's only 10-15 rooms, we can swing it. And it would be fun to get custom ones for a couple of guests. I want to get my mom the one below because she used to have a tube top with the logo of the band Chicago. I don't know what's scarier - the fact that she liked Chicago or liked them enough to MAKE HER OWN Chicago tube top. I guess that I pulled it down once when I was sitting in the baby seat on her bike en route to Tastee Freeze. Man, I miss Tastee Freeze.

** (I don't recommend walking near Wrigley Field two hours before a Cubs game. Especially if you need to carry an umbrella, as half of Schaumburg was standing on the west sidewalk on Clark. And I do mean STANDING. They were all getting swindled into buying stupid Fukudome Kid headbands from street vendors. Losers.)


A Windy City Wedding said...

did you end up going with cheaptotes? has decent prices too.

Tilly said...

Um, I almost bought a Fukudome sticker on my way home from the Cubs game the other night. Proof positive: I'm a loser.

We are still debating the OOT bags. Fiji works for a local reusable bag company and it would be fun to use some of their in-house bags...but we'll see. Depends on the number of guests for us too. Those are SUPER cute though!

Tara said...

hmmmm- when i emailed them about printing on totes they said they didn't like to bc of 'quality' of printing on totes would not be good... grrr. that was my last hope for 'chicago totes' so scratched the idea. i am now totally jealous.

Darci said...

Oh man, those look awesome! Here's hoping only a few guests stay in the hotel. Those totes are screamin' to be made! Maybe you could take up a collection ;)

Dana said...

I like the bags also. I think that I your OOT guest would appreciate them,but I totally understand about keeping to a budget.

Mitch said...

Not to crash your party here - but here is a recommendation. Get the totes you want and spare yourself and everyone else all this hassle. Next time I see you, I will give you the 3 bucks to make up the difference. Or I will just pull three pampers out of our diaper bag - which ever you prefer.