Friday, May 23, 2008


I forgot my makeup bag, moisturizer, eye cream, and brush when I was packing my bag for the gym this a.m. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until AFTER my workout, when I also realized that all of the hairdryers in the locker room were busted and that I was out of hairspray and gel. I improvised by squatting under the hand dryer and blowing drying my hair. Then I went to work with very flat hair and an uneven complexion. Thankfully, most of the office was out for the holiday weekend.

At lunch time, I wandered over to Paper Source. I was talking to an associate about envelope liners when a man came in and started photographing us -- FROM THE SIDE. When he left, I asked the PS guy what the photog was taking pictures of and he said "Crane's Chicago Business." Yes, I was photographed in my favorite store FROM THE SIDE, while wearing no makeup and flat hair, and holding up an ugly outdated version of my invitations. I am guessing that they wouldn't use such an unflattering photo of ANYONE (I mean, hot chicks sell, right?), but COME ON! What are the chances?

Also, I stopped to see "Made of Honor" on the way home from work tonight. I want my $10.50 back, please.

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jessica lynn said...

if you get your $10.50 back from seeing Made of Honor, please let me know. i would like my $9.50 back. it was dreadful. not even mcdreamy could make that movie worthwhile....