Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's 11:15 P.M. Already?

Holy sh*t, where did today go? I was so busy today that I forgot to call my brother -- who had surgery yesterday -- ON. A. LUNG. WTF? When I picked up the phone to call, I realized that it was too early and then I didn't remember until 9 p.m. I am going to burn. Maybe I'll tell him that I did call and he forgot because of the morphine. JUST KIDDING!

Here's what I did remember to do:

Address Label Maintenance

I received 35 responses to my Alchemy request for someone to cut the labels -- including one from a woman who went to Pratt! Isn't that funny? "Yes, I had a 4.0 at Pratt. As you will see from my resume, my most recent freelance assignment was chopping some chick's ugly labels for her wedding invitations." I spent a good hour declining bids. I always feel mean turning people down and try to look at their shops and say something nice in my decline message. So it takes time.

Anyway, we're down to four missing addresses on Andy's side and two on my side.

Pick Up the Swatch of My Bridesmaid Dress

Although I am thankful for my cheap dress, I so wish that I could have found it at a dress shop in the city instead of one that's 21 miles away. Contrary to what Google Maps says, it's not 35 minutes away. It's an hour away. The Kennedy sucks.

Also, while I was at the bridal shop, I held my gold shoes up against a dress that is similar to mine. They were OK. Definitely not perfect. I think that the texture of the leather is too much. Oh well, if I find something else, then I do, if not, I'm fine with it. I only have two friends that would notice and they wouldn't care at the end of the day. I can't give those gold shoes up. They're too comfortable!

Order Jewelry for My Bridesmaids

Thank God I made it into Sara Lenart's shop today. I haven't been in there in about a year so I didn't know that she's pregnant. I squeezed my custom order in just in time before her maternity leave. Even though I requested a September delivery date, I'm glad to have it over with.

Her new work is so beautiful. There is a GORGEOUS ring that I'm loving. We talked over the color scheme and some ideas and she's running with it. I can't imagine her designing anything that's less than fabulous. The girls will be wearing orange teardrop-shaped sunstones with a mix of gold and smokey quartz and some green accents. The image below is an example of sunstones. It doesn't do them justice though. Ironically, I am wearing moonstones!


Print and Cut the Coat Checks Tags

More on this tomorrow...


Riley said...

More on the sunstones, please!
They look beautiful!

I'm sure you won't burn for not calling your brother. Just think, I'm sure everyone was calling him yesterday, and he was probably still tired. Call him today,and I'm sure you'll be fine.

jmoh said...

Our bother never remembers our birthdays or anything else that is important. I don't think you will burn maybe boil a little, or simmer

jmoh said...

Our bother never once in his life remembered our birthday. I do not think you will burn.Maybe a slight boil!