Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gold Shoes

After trying on my dress, I have decided that a simple gold shoe might be way to go for me. Although my dress is plain, the tiers make it kind of busy. It is so hard to find cute heels in that 3" sweet spot. Everything's either flat or 4 1/2". I've ordered these from J. Crew. We'll see how they work out.

I really wanted a d'orsay heel, but haven't had much luck finding one. I still have 60 days to find one and return the J. Crew shoes, if I wanted. :)

If I were rich, I'd get these "just to have."

I was able to get most of the newspaper stains out of the other J. Crew shoes that I got in ebay. They'll be cute with jeans next summer when Andy and I finally can afford to go out to dinner again.

P.S. I was fiscally irresponsible and bought myself a necklace the other day. I was all, "I'll make it up in lunches." Then I was promptly punished by having to cough up $300 for a new external hard drive and a f-ing new CD drive. KARMA IS A BITCH. I could have lived without the CD drive if the Type and Paragraph windows wouldn't have suddenly disappeared from my Illustrator in the middle of invitation design week. I could just cry. I am so pissed. This happened a few weeks before my warranty ran out and I didn't have time to deal with. And now I'm screwed.

P.S.S. I wonder if I am also being punished for buying expensive shoes? These are over three times the cost of my original ones.


Kate said...

What size shoe do you wear? Cause these are pretty amazing.

I love a good shopping challenge. Give me more details and I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya!

Riley said...

Oooooooo.... yeah, that karma will get you every time! I've been in her path many many times before. It sucks!

The shoes are pretty, but keep looking - I'm sure you'll be able to find a gold D'orsay heel!

tina said...


Those shoes ARE awesome! Thanks for finding them. I am a giant size 10 though. You'd be surprised how quickly size 10s sell out. That's why I nabbed those J. Crew shoes. I am so glad that I did too!