Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mini Maid

I'm officially on the prowl for a flower girl dress. My cousin's currently a size 6, which means that she could be a size 7 by fall. Size 7 is definitely a 'tween size. Now that J. Crew is out of the free world's price range, I'm relegated to department stores and the Internet. Here are my favorite dresses so far...all under $60!
Option 1: My Favorite

Option 2: My Other Favorite
This is perfect! But it doesn't come in ivory. I'd want to add a colored sash.

Option 3:
The sleeves work for fall and the bottom is patterned like mine. Just so-so.

Option 4:
Super cute polka dots, but the pink's too springy.

Option 5:
A good fallback. I'd swap out the sash.

If I went with something traditional like Option 5, I'd think about adding a cute floral piece from myrakim to the waistline. Just because she's little doesn't mean she can't be fab.

Image: myrakim

Speaking of fab, look at these cute boleros from Tiny Tots:


jessica lynn said...

I'm on the prowl for these dresses too! keep me updated on your other findings or your selection!

Veronica said...

I love the first dress! Looks like it was made for your wedding. The second is fab too!

Cristin Witcher said...

Where are you finding these adorable dresses? I'm on the hunt too!

Kate said...

OOh! My vote is for Option 5 with the Myrakim brooch. That would be WAY too cute.

Linda said...

I definitely like option 5.

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

The first one is so perfect!!! However, I am always a sucker for the little girls in the white dresses with a colored sash.

Lisa from Blush said...

Love your favourite! Option 1. So, so cute. And, dare I say, she can wear it again!