Thursday, May 1, 2008

Everytime That I Get Bored With Wedding Planning...

...something new happens to lift my spirit! This week:

  • I followed up with a cute boutique in Wicker Park, re: a necklace that I had fallen in love with. It's a light gold chain with a large cluster of moonstones. The designer, Tonia Kim, aka toki, can make the necklace with a longer chain and a pair of earrings. And the best part? She's using 1oK necklace instead of 14K necklace, so the price is more affordable than the original that won my heart. Also, she recommended using quartz instead of moonstones for the earrings to avoid being matchy-match and keep the cost down. Hooray! I didn't even ask her to do that! :) Here's an image of the earrings she's suggesting. I think that mine will have less drop.

Image: Toki

  • Update: I found the image below on her web site. I think that the necklace looks like this, but with moonstones instead of the colored stones.
Image: Toki
  • I found a Day of Coordinator! I'll post the details in a few days, but I have to say, I love her! I had coffee with her last weekend and she's a awesome. When I first talked to her a few weeks ago, Andy thought that I was on the phone with one of my girlfriends. She's the coolest. Our caterer recommended her. She also recommended our DJ and the lighting company we'll most likely use. From what I'm hearing from others, the DJ company is one of the best in the city. At this rate, she's is going have to charge us a wedding planner fee too.

P.S. I bought a Xyron machine on Tuesday. I scored a pimped out 900 model for a great price on ebay.


Chitown Bride said...

I just tagged you!

Riley said...

How pretty!!!
I love looking at pretty things when I get bored or put off on planning.