Sunday, May 4, 2008

Round Frames for Cake Table

The only traditional cheeseball thing that I'm thinking about doing for the wedding is putting photos of our parents cutting their cakes at the cake table. (Even though I really don't want to have a ceremonious cake cutting myself.) I think that I remember seeing one of Andy's parents in his ma's bedroom. I love my parents' cake photos because they're totally 70s. My mom's cake had a champagne fountain in it!

Anyway, I've been looking for some round frames. I hate the way storebought silver plated frames get all scratched up. And since these perfect frames from Tiffany's are each about four times out of our price range,

Images: Tiffany & Co

I've been looking around for something else. I stumbled upon these frames in Paper Source on Armitage a few weeks ago. They're almost perfect! And I probably wouldn't hate having them displayed in my house down the line. I'm planning on going back to snatch some up during the Domino District sale next week. (Thanks Tara!)

Image: doe via {frolic!}

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