Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Red 'Do + Birdcage Veil + Feathers

I just saw this wedding on Tales of a Female Husband. Check out the hot red 'do and be-feathered veil on this bride. I wish that I could pull that hair style off, but I hate the way my hair lies in pix when I wear heavy bangs with a ponytail. She looks awesome. And I love how she wears the veil/headpiece throughout the evening. There's no way for me to do that with mine. I am jealous.

I love her wife's tux and white shoes. It looks like a fun wedding.

Images: Circle Photo

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Mitch said...

Great post! - You really should submit your blog to Stuff White People Like. I can see your blog being prominently featured in the "white people in the news" section. Your blog would score way off the charts for hitting all of the categories. Just start mentioning "Manhattan,"'Gifted Children" and "Farmers Markets" more often and you will do great!