Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Skinny Update, Week 9

I counted points, but didn't enter them into the WW site, so I don't have my table this week. Here's my workout schedule -- I had 18 activity points!

  • Tuesday:
    • Strength Training Class (This was awful. He did almost everything on the bosu ball. I couldn't do 40% of the exercises and I still almost threw up. At the end of the class, the instructor gave me a fist-punch and a "Hang in there. Keep at it." I was that bad.)
    • 30 minutes cross-trainer machine
  • Wednesday:
    • Couldn't Move. Literally.

  • Thursday:
    Worked late and still moving slow. 40 minutes on the cross-trainer was all that I could squeeze out of myself.
  • Friday:
    • 45 minutes, pool.

  • Saturday:
    • Strength Training class -- I was able to keep up in this one!
      50 minutes, elliptical machine.


the botticelli babe said...

Excellent! I'm on a get skinny-er kick meself.

I am finding added success by sneaking extra workouts into my day. Not just taking stairs and parking far from the door - I set a timer on Outlook and every 30-60 minutes, I get up (if no one is looking) and do a circuit of squats, lunges, arm lifts, toe-ups, and chest lifts.

Jamie said...

Heya! Thanks for your message. Wow. I'm so jealous you're able to squeeze all this workout into your schedule. I'm usually unable to do anything after work brainwise or physical wise and just want to crawl under my sheets and sleep ... without dinner. Hmm, might mean I need a new job ... LOL! Keep up the great work! {hugs!}