Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Eats and Good Times

I was looking at the web site of the company Fig Catering, who Tara from In This Instance is using for her catering, and found that they offer in-home cooking classes for inviduals, couples, kids parties, and groups. How fun would their "Girls Night In - Cooking and Wine Party" be for a shower, bachelorette party, or, in the case of my friends, a"book club" meeting? (We gave up on even bothering to select books after six months.) I am a total sucker for stuff like this! Seriously, I love food, I love wine, and I love my girls. What's not to like, right?

I am sure that most people know about the cooking classes at The Chopping Block and Sur La Table, but The Hearty Boys are now offering "on-camera cooking demos" through "HBTV." Customers can take cooking lessons and learn the tricks of being a Food Network star -- complete with a screen test! Here's the summary from their site:

This unique Chicago hands-on experience begins with an on-camera cooking demo by Dan and Steve. In their fun and approachable signature style, they'll relate the tricks of the TV trade including working with the teleprompter, finding a culinary point of view and never stopping no matter what happens. Hope you were paying attention because within the hour members from your group will be taking to the state of the art kitchen studio to test out their culinary chops in front of the live camera!

It's a spectacular one of a kind evening of great food, drink and "Cooking Karaoke"!

HBTV also offers traditional cooking classes. The menus vary and all our classes are hands-on! See our online schedule for sessions.

How cool, huh?

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Riley said...

The in-home cooking class/party sounds like tons of fun!! Too bad there's nobody down here that does that.... What a cool idea!