Friday, May 9, 2008

Flower Fridays

I have to start thinking about flowers. I can't talk to A New Leaf until August, so I'm left to my own devices until then. According this knottie bio, I basically have to give ANL an idea and let them run with it, which is cool, but I feel like I need to get my thoughts in order. So far, I know that I want:

  • Movement, i.e., not a tight ball.

  • Real leaves.

  • No orange or yellow lilies.

  • No roses, except for maybe a yellow rose or two somewhere for sentimental reasons.

  • Possibly lots of ribbons.

  • No orchids suspended in tall glass vases with a candle on top. (It seems like every ANL wedding has that.)
Since my blog has become my "virtual binder," which is actually so much easier to manage than the actual binder that I started in September, I'm going to start tossing my flower images up here on Fridays.

I love the bouquet below, but I don't think that I'm strong enough to carry it. It's huge! I'd have a heart attack half way down my wannabe-aisle. Ha, Ha. I think that I have to go with something a little smaller than this since my dress is so structured, but I love the bold colors, twigs, leaves, and explosive look.

Images: The Knot


Riley said...

I love that bouquet too! But you're right, it does look huge though.
One of my concerns is that my bouquet is going to look too small... I'm a tall girl, and not a supermodel, so I'm scared my flowers are going to look too small. But I trust my florist, so hopefully it'll turn out okay. I've sent her plenty of pictures already!

Veronica said...

Both arrangements are very beautiful. But I think my fav is the first. Looking forward to more flowers!

122LOVESME said...

I love the last bouquet too! Maybe it could be toned down a bit. Or maybe the picture is just taken at a strange angle so that it looks super huge...?

Bliss Event Group said...

I LOVE what you have chosen--the colors and textures are so warm and inviting. I can't wait to see the final bouquet! Congratulations!