Monday, November 10, 2008

Bridesmaid Gifts

I had so much fun shopping for bridal party gifts! As you'll see, my gifts for the girls became kind of random. I started out with a theme for each of the gifts, but I switched it up when they mentioned wanting to make purses.

Both girls received a gift certificate to design a purse at 1154 Lill, which you may recall we did in the spring. They both made reversible purses with one side intended for the wedding and the other side for personal use.

I had artist Sara Lenart design a custom necklace and earring for my girls. They looked AWESOME. In fact, I liked their jewelry bettter than mine. Both necklaces were slightly different than the other. My sister's maid-of-honor necklace was a long drop style and LP's was shorter and simpler.

Maid-of-Honor Bay-e
My sister has become an accessories whore in the last few years. I bought her a cute clutch from BeeGee Bags on impulse after seeing them on The Unbride. (Thanks, Justine!) I really recommend these bags. The quality was good and the owner is a nice lady.

I also bought her a cute Sister necklace. I always admire these in stores and was excited to finally buy one.

I gave her this as a joke...

Bridesmaid LP
I had been on the prowl for a Me&Ro necklace for my girlfriend when I stumbled upon this om necklace from etsy seller Jennifer King Designs. I immediately e-mailed Jennifer to see if she could make me one in silver. She was awesome and had a necklace made for me within days. My friend is a pretty laid back girl, so I realized that I could buy her a more affordable necklace and give her a phat gift certificate for her favorite yoga spot instead of blowing the bank on a designer name. But I had forgotten about the purse and the jewelry that I had purchased, so I had to stop shopping after I purchased the yoga mat set shown below.

I had already given LP yoga blocks and some OM stationery as a hostess gift at my Paper Source Shower, so I almost completed my original yoga gift "basket" idea.

LP also got a "joke" gift:

Flower Girl Kailee
At my family shower, my cousin Kailee took about 60 pictures with my camera. I took the hint and bought her a Vtech Kidizoom Camera.

Although we barely woke her up at the rehearsal dinner to open it, she didn't put it down at the reception. Every time I turned around, she was taking my picture. I really, really, really hope that the photographers got a picture of her. If she becomes a famous photographer, I am taking partial credit for giving her her wings! ;)

I also gave her some cute earrings from Sara Lenart, but her pierced ears have closed up, so she couldn't wear them.

I gave her this little t-shirt and frame set that I picked up at a sample sale.

And, finally, I gave her the book Junie B. Jones Is (Almost) A Flower Girl.

Image: Borders

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An Atlanta Bride said...

I really need to get crackin' on buying gifts for my bridal party! Great job with everything you chose :)