Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gifts for the 'Rents

We went with uninspired crystal frames as the gifts for the parents and Aunt Ruth. I picked Orrefors for its modern look and to celebrate Andy's maternal Swedish heritage. I wanted to also give something Polish to represent my family's Polish side, but couldn't find anything that I thought that Andy's mom and aunt would like.

The parents received the frame on the left and Aunt Ruth received the one on the right. I'm not a crystal frame person, but I actually like the modern finish of the frame on the left. It reminds me of the crystal goblets we registered for, which I just adore.


laura said...

the goblets are amazing, I love that crumpled glass look.
I registered for some glasses like that at crate and barrel.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Those goblets are beautiful! and I like the first frame which says a lot about it because I'm not a big crystal fan.