Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cancelled DIY Project #2: Late Night Snack Cones and Stickers

Andy and I served miniature milkshakes, gyros, and french fries at the end of the wedding night. I bought the supplies to make little cones for the french fries and stickers for the gyros. The fry cones would have been in the Paper Source Papaya and Poppy colors with round ta logos, as mocked up below.

The gyro stickers would have been the C logo. Obviously, I had a hard time hiding my disappointment in myself when my friends unwittingly metaphorically kicked me while I was down by forcing me to lead a congo line to "Come On, Eileen" and simultaneously eat an unbranded gyro.

I wish that I had a picture of the look on Andy's face when I told him about these "failed" projects the Saturday after the wedding. You would have thought that I had 10 heads and that head #10 was in the process of giving birth to head #11.


Linda said...

Yeah, you look sad :) You look terrific and happy. I doubt anyone noticed. BTW, what a great idea! I love gyros!

Rachel said...

Looks like you're having a good time!!!
French fries and gyros sound delicious to me. Just think, after everyone scarfed them down, all your hard work on the cones and stickers would end up in the trash!! I'm sure everyone was too busy eating to notice the packaging.