Monday, November 24, 2008

A Cool Getaway for City Girls

I hate to be ungrateful and rip on a product that I get to use for free with no strings attached, but blogger  chaps my frickin' hide. I had just finished this post and it crashed for no reason. You wouldn't believe how many nights I've stayed up too late retyping posts. I believe it's the reason behind 75% of the typos in my posts.
Look at this cute photo that I found on the facebook page of one of my A New Leaf friends. Cristin and her husband were married at ANL the same weekend as Andy and I. Dig it. I love her cute sign!

Image: Cristin W-S

As you may recall, I had debated on where to use a Just Married sign. Our DOC ended up hanging it in a tree. (Photos to come.) A small part of me wishes that we would have had a formal get away, but I didn't want to give up a single minute of the day. Still, I think that my mom would have enjoyed it. And I really could have lived without the chaos of trying to get people on the bus and deciding who would take flowers home and where to find plastic bags for the flowers that were in the vases that we had to leave at ANL. Blah, blah, blah. Our DOC was at dropping stuff off at the hotel, so I ended up dealing with all that crap. I could have been back at the hotel with room service or a gyro from Five Faces!

Posting may be sporadic in the coming weeks. I'm on a huge project at work that's demanding long nights and weekends. Computers are the last thing that I want to look at aftter 15 hours on one.

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