Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Under Construction

Those of you who are non-Google Reader Readers may have noticed that I've started doing some housekeeping on 'ole WTRITO Lane. This was my way of procrastinating on the thank you cards  tonight (31 down, 54 to go if you're curious). I wish that I could send everyone these:

Image: Knock-Knock

I'm not sure where my blog's going quite yet, but I do know that I am not quite ready to transition to "with this ring, i thee nest." :) So I will just hang out here while I find my post-wedding legs, if you will. Once the recaps are over, I think that I will begin doing a weekly "With This Ring, I Thee Recess" post that takes a fancy wedding and gives it a ghetto fab price tag - kind of like that "Look for Less" show on the style channel.

I am sad and project-less, so if anyone would like any help with their invitations or DIY-stuff, please drop me a line. My e-mail address should be displaying in my profile now. I am cheap (free) labor and would be happy to even just help you talk through and plan out your ideas. Oh! Speaking of which, I kinda sorta have an invitation gig! My cousin brought our invitations and programs into school and her math teacher has "hired" me to make all of her paper products for her 10.17.2009 wedding (I know!). Isn't that so fun?

BTW, I am playing around with all of the new (to me) features that Blogger's released in the last few months before the wedding. If you're pokin' around, you may notice things don't fit in the sidebars and that my blog roll looks funky and random as I decide what goes where and how. Blogging may be random as I try to get the thank you cards finished. I promised myself that they'd be in the mail before Thanksgiving. I can't send Christmas cards until I send the Thank You notes!


Linda said...

I love the new look. Where did you get the 3 column layout? I love it.

heidzilla said...

UGH thank you cards take.forever.and.ever!!! I think I had about 80 or so... and it took me like 3 different nights and maybe 15-18 hours total... But I did get SO much done other than TY cards when I was procrastinating :-D Good luck with those and make sure you husband knows what hard work they are!!!


jessica lynn said...

I'm about to start the thank you card process....and dreading it. and i'm also debating what to do with my little blog now that Im married!

Globetrottingbride said...

I love the new look too! Thank u notes were the worst! Good luck.

Rachel said...

I need to get on the "Thank You" note bandwagon too. I thought maybe I'd have some of our pro-pics back and could use one of them for the front of the card. But no. Not sure if we'll get any back by next week or not, and then you add printing time, and it's the holidays?? Well, that blows that idea.
I'm glad you have gotten your pro-pics back. I'm still waiting on mine. ;-(