Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Groomsmen Gifts

I am sorry that my blog is so lame lately. I've been waiting for the pro pix to beging our recap and have been too lazy to look for fresh material.

Andy had a few ideas for groomsmen gifts that didn't pan out. He had ordered a cornhole set for one of his buddies only to find out that he had already made his own. Then he wanted to give the other guy a build-your-own-rocket kit, but found out that they're like $35. So, this meant that three days before the wedding, there were no groomsmen gifts.

I think that we did well in a pinch, as the guys were pretty jazzed when they opened their gifts:

Images: Guess

The best man called his watch (on the right) "beautiful," which I thought was a funny adjective for a man to use for an accessory.

We also bought their ties and their khakis.

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Tara said...

It is not lame! It is natural as you are waiting for your photos... I think everyone goes through this "inbetween" phase as it is so much more fun to do the recaps with the photos.

And we got the boys watches for the gift too... it seems to always be a hit.