Friday, November 7, 2008

Cancelled DIY Project #5 - Paper Boutonnieres

When we first started planning the wedding, I wanted to include many of my close friends without actually burdening them with bridesmaid/bridesmen duties. I also wanted to engage them in capacities that would best illustrate why I appreciated them as people. I asked one of my girlfriends to perform a reading of her writing and choosing and another to be the mistress of ceremonies and kick the party off with a speech. I then wanted the others to lead the wedding processional by lighting candles on the trees in the front of the ceremony space. As we got further into planning, I realized that I didn't want to stress them by asking them to arrive at 6:15 on a work day. And then I realized that I'd also be increasing the cost of the rehearsal dinner for my in-laws.

I decided to make all of my "honorary bridesmaids" corsages and boutonnieres of paper flowers and include a special message to them in the programs. I created a few flowers using one of these kits from Paper Source, but then realized that I didn't know how to create corsages for the girls. I didn't want to ruin any of their dresses with a paper flower, but ran out of time to figure out how to make them into wrist corsages, so they never came to fruition.

I know it seems odd for me to use paper corsages when I was getting married in a flower shop, but for the number that I needed, purchasing them from ANL was not possible. Plus, I thought that the paper flowers would be more charming coming from me. :)

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