Friday, September 12, 2008

Flower Friday

As soon as we booked ANL as our venue, I developed a vision for our ceremony. It included us exchanging vows flanked by two fall trees or pretty japanese maples in front of a softly lit room. This image from fete ny is perfect!

I just assumed that getting two trees to the second floor of an elevator-less building would be a no-go, but ANL is actually able to create something for us. (We'll see if we can actually afford it!) Now if I could only find some benches...

P.S. My mental image is what inspired our program covers.

P.S.S. This tree would do too -- but only if it was in Lincoln Park! :)


The Everyday Bride said...

OMG - beautiful!!! LOVE IT! Maybe...just maybe they would let you guys "borrow" those birch branches they have in the back... and they have TONS of huge urns, right??? I have my fingers crossed for you!!

Pretty Bride said...

I love fete ny images... gorgeous!