Friday, September 26, 2008

Have I Mentioned That I Am Not Very Good At Relaxing?

Remember my plan to unplug and cold chill on my birthday? Well, that didn't happen. My coworkers weren't having my protest, so here was my "Birthday Unplugged:"


  • 7-Birthday Cards

  • 2-Lottery Tickets (Hopefully winning ones)

  • 1-Dt. Sunkist

  • 1-Birthday Cake

  • 1-200-calorie FF Yogurt Parfait (with a candle!)

  • 2-HUGE Fruit Trays  (also with a candle!)
    I had been protesting a cake the day before, so my two girlfriends in the office -- unbeknownst to each other -- planned low-cal treats for me.

  • 1-Surprise E-mail from Andy containing an Elizabeth Arden Gift Certificate>

  • 1-Macy's Gift Card

  • 1-SQUARE PLATTER FROM TIFFANY'S! -- My coworker gave me this to celebrate my "last single birthday." When she was walking over with my gift, I thought that it was cute that she was reusing her Tiffany's bag from a recent purchase. Then she handed it to me and there was a blue box inside!

    1-Flower Delivery: This picture is two days after the fact and doesn't do them justice.
  • 1-After Work Drink at the Holiday Inn

    Image: Mart Plaza
  • 1-Possibly-Someday Phone Call

  • 1-Phone Call Notifying Me that a Mother-of-the-Bride Dress Has Been Purchased
And that was just at work! I had to laugh because it felt like I had a new surprise arrive every 15 minutes. After that, I was too overstimulated to be quiet and pensive, so I e-mailed my girls LP and VP and made a sushi date for the evening. For all of my protesting, I ended up having a very, very fun day. I guess that I'll relax on 10/18!


Linda said...

That's one very nice coworker. it sounds like it was a fun filled day.

Cupcake said...

Good for you girl. There is nothing like a day full of surprises and delight.