Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I just received a heartbreaking e-mail from the etsy seller who was working on my cocktail napkins. Her house was destroyed in Hurricane Ike after the roof gave out and sheet rock collapsed in her office and bedroom. I believe that, on top of all this, she is also scheduled to be married in the next few weeks. I wish her and all of the other Ike victims lots of prayers and love.


Jenna said...

I know who this vendor is! She told me she couldn't do my napkins because of her own wedding. What heartbreaking news!

I should have my napkins in the next week or so, and my girl got them done really fast. I'll have a post about them up soon if you are looking for someone to do them for you.

Mitch said...

This is all George Bush's fault!!!

Kate said...

OMG!!!! I didn't read this until just now!! That's terrible!!!