Friday, September 5, 2008

Flower Friday

So, yesterday was my meeting with the florist -- and I have no idea what I am getting. Seriously. Here's how it went:
  • Tina: So, I really don't know what I want.
  • Andy the Florist: That's cool.
  • Tina: Oh, I hate orange and yellow lillies.
  • Tina: I like lots of texture.
  • Tina: Oh! Look at this pile of pictures I've randomly collected.
  • Tina: Did I already tell you that I hate orange and yellow lillies?
  • Tina: Oh! Look at this picture. It's my favorite.
  • Tina: I have these cheap orange vases or candle holders if you want to use them. Or not. Whatever. They were so cheap.
  • Tina: My mom loves Halloween. Maybe you can put a little pumpkin in her corsage.
  • Tina: Can I get a wreathe for the front door?
  • Tina: Oh! And my mom loves marigolds.
  • Tina: Can I get some colored lanterns hung in the garden?
  • Tina: I meant to bring a rosary to hide  in your bushes to bring good weather.
  • Tina: Did I mention that I love dahlias?
  • Andy: You mentioned them, yes.
  • Tina: Oh! My mom also likes those orchids that start with an "V."
  • Tina: Oh! I forgot to show you this picture. It's my favorite too. I like how they're all cohesive, but different. And I LOVE these little yellow flowers.
  • Tina: Oh! The groom is 6'5", so he needs a hearty bout. Do they make big and tall bouts?
  • Andy the Florist: (not laughing)
  • Tina: Oh yeah, and the one bridesmaid is 4'10", so her bouquet can't be huge.
  • Tina: The flower girl's five. Yeah, the entire wedding party is really pushing the acceptable age limit of a bridal party for a first marriage.

Seriously, the entire meeting was one long Tina Stream of Consciousness. Every other ANL bride that I've spoken too said their meeting was 15 minutes long. Mine was an hour. And I don't know what I'm getting. But I hope that they're as cool as these:

Images: Rock 'n Roll Bride


Veronica said...

LOL! You totally have me rolling here!!

15 mintues?! Why bother meet? It was an hour with mine. I looked at her portfolio, we had coffee, and chatted awhile about what she's done and what can be done and my long list of what I don't like and pictures of exactly what I'm going for but You are totally my blog soul mate =o)

Blablover5 said...

I just had a random thought. The best way to probably get on any wedding vendors side you have to spend hours with, bring them some pizza.

Or better yet cookies. Who doesn't love cookies>

Cait said...

My question is "what's up with Andy, the florist?" Can we say, personality zero?! Of course, this is assuming you ever stopped for a breath! you're hilarious!

B said...

Haha, you are too funny! I can't wait to see the final pictures --- I'm looking for a great (and reasonable!) florist in Chicago...

Ex-Bride said...
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devon lorraine ... said...

whaaa andy didn't laugh at the b&t joke? that was seriouslyfunny!!