Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hair Doesn't Come the Bride or Groom or Bridemaids or Groomsmen or Flower Girl

I talked to someone from the hotel that screwed us over today. Apparently, their management company has gone into receivership and all of their assets are frozen. Which means that they have no assets with which to pay for the trolley transportation between the Ambassador East and ANL. Which means that we now have a six-person wedding party, our immediately families, and 15-30 guests with no means of getting between locations. And we also have no assets with which to pay for them to do so. (Who says that there is a gap between the classes?) So, as of this writing, I will be stranded in a hotel suite with stained carpets and no hairdo on my wedding day.

I've contacted a few limo companies with my swan song to see if they could work with me. One of them actually seemed to feel bad for me. And my dad used to powerwash the vans at a local place with very affordable prices, so I have a voice mail out to them. (fingers crossed) I have to say, trolley service is some expensive sh*t considering that trolleys are made of wood and don't have any windows. Oh, and, of course, the hotel miscommunicated the start times so the $770 rate that I was quoted was not only three hours short, but it would have gotten the guests to ANL 30 minutes after the ceremony.

If I had my Fantasy Budget Way, all of our guests would be transported in a fleet of these:

If anyone in Chicago knows where to rent old school cabs, will you please comment? I looked a few weeks ago for Andy and I, but came up empty.

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The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

Hey! I found out today that you are my Harvest Swap partner! Yay! I am so excited because I absolutely love your blog.. I am SO jealous of all you Chicago brides! My email address is angela.ryan52309@gmail.com if you want to email me sometime and we can get this thing started!