Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Wedding Theme is Autumn + Dots + Paloma's Nest

In the process of shopping for hostess gifts, I've become obssessed with etsy seller Paloma's Nest. I had been shopping for some elegant wine charms for Aunt Ruth when I stumbled upon text tiles in the Paloma's Nest store. I placed a custom order for 12 text tiles with the names of Andy's family members. I then attached them to silver rings and added beads. I think that is my favorite etsy purchase of all time. I love how they turned out. I'd love to make a set for myself one day -- even if the beads did double my budget for this project. I apologize for the bad photos. The white ceramic is difficult to photograph.

Images: Personal Collection

The seller, Caroline, is so nice. She sent me an extra "TINA" charm and a little heart charm. :)

I forgot to photograph these before giving them away, but I also ordered a bird bowl with the words "MOTHER BIRD" for Andy's mom. When it arrived, I loved it so much that I ordered a second one for my mom. Caroline packages her items in brown cardboard boxes with straw. It's so simple, but I think that it has such a charming effect.

I contacted her one last time to ask if she could make some charms for us to use on our toasting coupes. She included them in my last shipment and I just love them.

And we now have a ring bowl on the way:

Paloma's Nest was a featured seller on Etsy last Monday! You can read her interview here. There may or may not be another PN surprise for the wedding. <wink, wink>


Tara said...

That mother bird bowl is a great idea! I think you just gave me ideas for Christmas presents... hope you don't mind if I blatantly rip off your idea!

Kelly said...

I got tiny text bowls for my BMs and a ring bowl with our names and wedding date. They are awesome! We keep our bowl in the bathroom and they hold our rings when we are in the shower.

you are right, so simple but so elegant. Love them.

The Everyday Bride said...

I'm so glad that you waited until you received the goods to tell everyone! :)