Sunday, September 21, 2008

(Insert Image of Me Banging My Head Against the Wall Here)

I made some invitations inviting the wedding party, moms, and my friend to join me for an afternoon of lunch and nails the day before the wedding. (A completely UNECESSARY project, but I can't help myself.) Well, I spent an hour or so fighting with spacing last night before coming up with a design that suddenly worked. And I do mean suddenly. When I finished, I thought, "Duh." I printed them this afternoon and was just checking if they are dry enough to be stuffed in the envelopes and realized that the reason that the design worked is because I left the price list off.


I. need. to. slow. down. I tell myself this every day and NEVER ACTUALLY DO IT. Slowing down's not the problem in this case. It's just laziness. My brain just stops reading things after awhile. Oh well.

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Jing said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a few days. Everything is soooo cute. I love your small/big projects. I decided to start my own wedding blog as well, but I write it in Chinese since most of my family and friends prefer this language. I also bought a gocco printer on ebay, hoping to make my own invitation cards.
i want to use some of your pictures in my blog with reference. i hope that's ok.