Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, What Else Do You Got For Me?

  • 8/15: Received notification that the hotel will not be opened.
    • Status: Resolved; All guests notified via 9/2 mailer; Cost some cash, but resolved the issue without jeopardizing the design of the invitations.
  • 9/3: Notified that hair stylist will be in Puerto Rico on wedding date.
    • Status: Resolved; My hairstylist located an alternative stylist for me and I've booked my hair trial and wedding appointments.
  • 9/9: Found out that the previous hotel has gone into receivorship and will not be providing trolley service.
    • 9/22: Found out that 43 guests will be staying at the hotel!
    • Status: Resolved on 9/23; Hit parents up for a loan and booked large bus for day-of-transportation
(Insert a huge sigh of relief here...or not) What's that, maid of honor/dearest little sister? What? You instructed the tailor to cut your tea length dress above the knee? (Insert image of me banging my head against the wall here.)

Sigh. At least she's got hot legs.


Abbie said...

Yay for being positive. ;)

Jesse Mendez said...

Hi how are you? I was looking at your blog and I like it. I would like to become blog friends are you up for it?

I have an art blog and it is here in sunny San Diego, I am creating conceptual art pieces as well as my own personal journals and funny sections. I have friends from all over the world. How about it?
If you comment on my blog I will on yours. Take care and see you soon? Jesse

The Everyday Bride said...

Oh, T - hang in there... A large glass of wine will do the trick. And, just remember that you're getting married at the most magical place in Chicago! I am absolutely jealous! Jealous!