Thursday, September 11, 2008

OMG, Are You Fur Real?

Someone has flipped the switch in Chicago and Fall is coming in with a bang -- which has me a little worried about low temps on our wedding day. Chicago can honestly be 90 degrees or 40 degrees and rainy in October. (I'd like the entire Internet to please keep it's collective fingers crossed for a DRY 50-60 degree day. We really, really need the Garden seating.)

My dress comes with a wrap, but I really don't like it. I'll wear it, but I feel like it's uninventive. I think that a nice fur stole would be a lovely addition, but I don't wear fur. So my question is, would faux fur cheapen up my dress? And if I wore a vintage, handme down stole from my stepgrandmother, is the blood still on my hands since it was made 40 years ago and I didn't purchase it from the fur trader? What about a stole purchased from an antique store? What do you think?

To Faux?

Image: etsy

Or Not to Faux?

Image: etsy

That is my question. Please comment. Also, please don't post mean fur comments on here. If they're mean and/or insulting, I'll just delete them.

P.S. I'm not necessarily picking these, I just had about 30 seconds to write this post before I head out the door.


Abbie said...

I heard that PETA used Dita VonTeese as a spokeswoman. although she wears vintage furs... and they were okay with that. I think if it's vintage, then you're not promoting the continuation of the process.

cessc said...

I think that if you went for a white faux and you could dye it a really cool color (maybe matching your wedding colors)

Tiffany said...

me? I'd choose real but that's just because I love the luxirous-ness of real fur. (and I agree, vintage is totally okay in my book). However, they are making some great faux ones these days.

Since you have the vintage one you can borrow, I would go with that one.

Maria said...

Down with the vintage.

Still, lest I be tarred and feathered (because it has happened to me in the 7th grade of all places), my dad used to be a furrier in the Garment District until everything went to China - upside is that he has met Vera Wang and made a coat for her (not for the label), one of his coats was featured in Women's Wear Daily and my Barbie doll had a mink coat (made from leftovers though). I used to go with him as a kid on the weekends.

Karla said...

I think vintage/antique store real is TOTALLY fine. My mom is an antique dealer and she is lending me one of her nice silver mink stoles to use. It's SO much nicer than anything faux out there and I figure it's one day, it's not like I'm wrapping myself in a new $3k fut every day.

BTW - I totally understand what you mean about Fall in Chicago! I'm getting married in mid-November in Chicago and it could be 30 with snow or 60 with sun! Hard to predict, but we've got to be prepared! :) Good luck! (Go with real! :))

Cupcake said...

I think vintage fur is fine - as you said the blood isn't on your hands and that stole from Etsy is GORGEOUS!

Cait said...

Although faux fur has made leaps and bounds in recent years in terms of appearance and quality, i say rock the vintage!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Hmmm.... I don't think wearing vintage is necessarily bad. Like you said - it's already over and done with, so if you like it, I'd say go ahead.
With the faux-fur, I think it could look really good as long as you got a good quality one. They can look really fab, very "realistic".

I'm thinking of trying to find a faux fur wrap myself. Texas has weird weather in November... like Chicago it can be blazing hot or freezing cold.

mary fran said...

just to add a third option: feathers! marabou stoles can be really chic, and they're super-warm.

devon lorraine ... said...

i think vintage fur is the way to go!

tina said...

Thanks for all of the feedback. I found this on the PETA site:

Is it OK to wear used or “vintage” fur?

Fashion should be fun … and wearing a coat made from an animal whose skin was ripped off, even if it was decades ago, just isn’t fun at all. Whether you purchased it from a consignment shop or got it as a hand-me-down gift, vintage fur sends the same unacceptable message as a new fur—that is OK to crush animals’ bones in traps, to stomp on their heads and snap their necks, or to anally electrocute them for the sake of vanity. Stylish faux furs are hip and humane, plus they are easier on your wallet and your conscience.

Mitch said...


Going to the PETA website to ask about wearing fur is like going to the NRA to see what they think about guns. If you truly want to be "cool" like PETA you better be prepared to retool your entire life and this wedding. I hope I do not see any mini beef wellingtons at your reception. No more tater tot casserole and certainly no hot dogs!

Also - take all of those leather goods out of your closet and donate them to your favorite charity to create awareness.

I say wear what you want and who cares what anyone thinks - it is your wedding and day!!

Miss X said...

I gotta say, I don't think there's anything ethical about PETA...but that's a whole other topic. (See Penn & Teller...

I'm with the others that agree a vintage fur is fine...especially if borrowed. You aren't paying to support the industry.

Nicole said...

real always looks better and more luxurious.