Monday, November 10, 2008

I Am Getting Phat

I didn't eat very much in the weeks leading up to the wedding -- unfortunately, it was due to a lack of time and routine and not willpower. Then we went on the honeymoon and I couldn't finish any of my meals. I had all of these wonderful gourmet meals in front of me and I barely polished off half of each. (Note that I didn't have a problem finishing my wine.) I was pretty jazzed that I had finally balanced out my mental and physical appetites. And then we came home. And I found the appetite that I thought that I lost. And it was making up for lost time.

I immediately went back to Jenny Craig when we returned home. I had good intentions, but not good follow through. Apparently, I love pasta. And could eat it twice a day. And bread. And cheese. And sausage. And butter. And McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. And donuts. Yes, I should have grabbed fruit or some carrot sticks when I was hungry, but I didn't. I even changed my Facebook status to invite an eating intervention.

I was freaking out about my new appetite and had gotten a stern warning from my mother not to gain my weight back. Andy said that I was going through a Post-Wedding Let Down and told me to power through.  Then I read this post from the very pretty and very skinny Summer from Life is REED-iculous and this post from the also skinny Molly from These Little Moments and realized that I am just going through the post-wedding motions. (I am sad to admit that I was eating the second of two hot dogs and orders of fries as I read Molly's post.) Although their posts made me giggle, solidarity isn't going to keep the pounds off, so I better get back on the stick. I don't want the Queen and Valerie to dump me!

Tina + Queen Latifah + Valerie Bertinelli = Best Friends Forever

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Abbie said...

I think it's natural to go through that after your wedding. You no longer have all that planning occupying your time. Hang in there! I've been going to Weight Watchers and feel your pain. I'm sticking to it... and indulging every now and again, too. Good luck!

Molly said...

It's so comforting to know we're not alone! I know we'll all get back on the healthy bandwagon...eventually :)

Chitown Bride said...

Thank you for writing this!! Seriously I have been feeling the same way!

Mary said...

Relax, going back to JC should help relieve some of your stress! Have you tried the forums or chat at There’s a whole bunch of people on there who that understand what you are going through right now! Don’t give up!

Jenna said...

I'm going through the exact same thing!

betrothedbean said...

I'm going through the same thing -it's just so much for fun to eat so many carbs. Until you look at the scale. Hang in there - you're not the only one!

devon lorraine ... said...

i cracked up at those other blogs you linked to.

so true. those last two weeks before the wedding, i'm not sure if i remembered to eat! then after - bam. wow, mexico has so much GOOD food. i could definitely see a difference in myself from "honeymoon day #1 in swimsuit" vs. "honeymoon day #14." there was actually a visually perceptible difference in 14 days!! wth?

yep, so i definitely ate more after the wedding. totally natural! it took me a few weeks, but then i slowly started replacing that time i had previously spent doing wedding planning with the gym again. which had fallen to the wayside due to said wedding planning. i think i finally evened back out back to "normal" weight. the older i get, the longer it takes to lose gained weight. i hate that.