Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cancelled DIY Project #3: Memorial Decorations

I wanted to do something to memorialize my Grandma Ona and other deceased relatives during the ceremony. Originally, I wanted to list all of the deceased names in the programs and line the aisle with a lighted lantern for each relative; however, lighting free-standing paper lanterns turned out to be more expense and/or effort than I was able to expend. So, I decided to use colored votives in the cases behind the "altar;" however, A New Leaf doesn't allow open flames and I had a hard time finding affordable, attractive votive holders made from colored glass. In the end, we ended up celebrating a moment of silence "to remember and celebrate their grandparents and extended family members who have passed; most recently Andrew’s grandmother, Ruth, and Tina’s grandmother, Leona."

My friend from work commented on how nice it was, so I believe it worked just as well as something more visually appealing.


betrothedbean said...

That is nice!

We just had a little note in our programs, which worked for us.

sarah said...

when i read your grandma's name in your program, i realized what a beautiful little girl's name for you possibly someday... leona! totally cute and potential to be in the "new classics" sections in the baby naming books. :)

Rachel said...

We're planning on doing something similar, to take a moment to remember our relatives that aren't with us anymore.