Monday, November 3, 2008

Cancelled DIY Project #1 - Valet Tags

I have to admit that reading the DIY Contest posts on Style Me Pretty is KILLING ME! I want to go back and do it all over again!

As I mentioned in my post on the morning of the wedding, I had to bag several planned projects. None of these projects are ANYTHING that any of the guests noticed, but I still wish that I could have used them. I was literally making things until I walked out the door for the rehearsal dinner. Hopefully, I'll be sharing professional photos of my DIY projects during the recaps. While I anxiously await the pictures, I'll spend this week highlighting the projects that didn't make the cut.

The first project that I nixxed was the valet tags. I designed these valet tags back in May, but decided not to print them until we signed a contract with a valet company. Well, Andy kindly took responsibility for securing the valet service, but didn't book anyone until a few weeks before the wedding, when I was project-ed out and really just didn't have time for another project.

Sadly, someone did notice the lack of valet tags! I was talking to my college friends at the wedding and mentioned the incomplete projects. My friend pulled out his coat check and valet tags and said, "I definitely noticed the difference between this and this." I told Andy that people would notice the projects! Ha, Ha. (Andy said that this comment doesn't count because my friend reads this blog.) I liked the idea of the guests being greeted by our little thank you and maybe a CD of songs when they returned to their cars at the end of the night.


GrosgrainBride said...

Ok, I had to delurk to tell you that these are freaking amazing!! I'm planning on doing something like this but am afraid mine would pale in comparison to your awesomeness.
That said, I'm sure barely anyone noticed.

The Everyday Bride said...

T - you had one of the MOST unique weddings in Chicago – the venue, the ceremony, the group blessing, the invitations, the dozens and dozens of other personal details – you can’t get much more unique than that! And, while I totally feel your pain regarding canceling projects that you spent hours planning, I can’t even imagine how crazy you would have made yourself trying to complete every single one of them! PS, Martha Stewart (while I love her dearly) is the devil that brainwashed us in to thinking that it’s “all about the details”. I swear, I’m in some measure crazy because of her.