Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guest Book

Our guest book table was a hit at the wedding!

As you may recall, I combined a Blurb book full of engagement photos:

 Images: Sarah Alair

with Martha Stewart's idea of collecting anniversary messages*:

Images: Sarah Alair 

I swapped out plain note cards for ones gocco printed with our various wedding logos:

After the wedding, I ran the envelopes through my xyron machine and pasted them into the appropriate pages of the book**:

Our friends and family actually had a lot of fun with it. (Except for my mom who asked me two days later, "What guest book? You had a guest book?") We've even gotten a few in the mail from people who took cards home with them. We had a couple of guests that came up to us to announce that they'd be dead or in their 80s when we opened their cards. Which, how do you respond to that? "Well, then, I guess that you better hurry up and drink your miniature martini right now!"

(*I had some printer problems on my very last signage project - the guest book instructions. When I went to buy new stickers, Paper Source had changed the product. I never found time to figure out the new format, so I never reprinted anything. My DOC wonderfully printed out these instructions for me the morning of the wedding. When I was cleaning the Sunday after the honeymoon, I found a perfectly functional copy that I had kicked underneath the couch by accident. Oops.)

**I have heed caution to anyone else who is planning on doing this. The book is really thick with the envelopes - about 16". I'm worried about the binding breaking. I'd so some sort of spiral bound book withh large prints if I were you.


BEL said...

What a great idea!! The link you posted about Martha's anniversary idea didn't work... I'd love to hear more about it!

The Everyday Bride said...

oh, blurb, how do i love thee!? i wish that we would have made a blurb guestbook~!!!

Rachel said...

Do you have more pictures that you could post or send me? We are thinking about doing this but need a better idea before we start anything.