Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guest Book

So, go figure that I hauled my MS Weddings stash between four apartments between 1997-2007 and then pitched them exactly 13 days before I got engaged. Not even kidding you. I was so defeated during my move to apartment #5 that I pitched my Marthas. I scanned them, tore out a few things, and then pitched them on 9.2.07. And then I was unexpectedly engaged on 9.15.07.

Well, many thanks to Ritzy Bee for reminding me of some of the photos that made the cut in my "keep" stash:

Images: Martha Stewart via Ritzy Bee

Here are the instructions from Ritzy Bee's site:

Create a book with pages marked 1st Anniversary - 50th Anniversary and have guests slip messages into various places throughout the book. Each year on your anniversary you can read the messages together that correspond with that date.

Done! This is our guest book! I am going to use a photobook of our engagement session photos (because, really, what will you do with them?) as the book. I'll use Poppy and Papaya-colored envelopes from Paper Source and a selection of pretty papers like in the second photo.

If we had fat cash, I think that it would be funny to have the guests take Polaroids photos of themselves with a cutout of us, like in the photo below, to include in their messages.

Image: Another F*cking Wedding

How cool would it be to stumble upon random photos of your college friends and family 30 years later? I'd love it.

These cutout people are genius.


jessica lynn said...

"pitched them on 9.2 engaged on 9.15" figures right!?! i bet you were in agony!!! :) thank god for the internet!!

Tara said...

those little note/wishes books are so sweet... and it will be fun for your guests.

Jenna said...

My mom just shot this gangster/20's themed wedding where the bride and groom did a cutout photobooth. It was a fantastic hit with the guests, and I really don't think it was that expensive!

Here is an example:
(photo by Denise Andersen at

Maybe ask your photographer is they would be willing to work with you on creating some kind of booth like this. It would cost less than polaroids would.

ley said...

Hah, YES! That was totally my idea for a guest book that I commented to you before. lol. I want to do that at my wedding, but my guests aren't that bright to figure out what to do with the cards. I'm glad someone is using the idea. :D