Friday, April 11, 2008

If I Were a Rich Girl...

Sorry for all of the accidental posts. My Internet Explorer kept switching between Blogger in Draft and regular Blogger. Hooray for Microsoft products! They're stable.

I was browsing my Martha Stewart Weddings when I came across an advertisement for this gorgeous Vera Wang's a couture version of my working (wo)man's dress. Isn't it gorgeous?

This has nothing to do with Martha or my dress, but how cute is this etsy find?

See? I am like an accessories schizophrenic! I seriously can't pick a look. Maybe I should just buy something in each category and have hourly costume changes. Other girls get two dresses, right? Ha, Ha.


Anonymous said...

THank you for featuring our GRACE necklace. This model I made myself. I'm happy you like it. Keep up the great blogging, its part of my daily reads

Tara said...

ha- i had a sales lady bring me a replica of a vera dress... on in one dress shop session had 3 versions of the same dress as different price points! too funny. even a working woman wants to look stylin!

love your dress! such a smart choice for a cocktail reception.

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged! love your blog =)

LaraGale said...

I adore Etsy, I just bought my garter from there!

PS: Tag, you're it!