Monday, April 28, 2008

Week 6, Get Skinny

Once again, worked out like a champ and the scale didn't budge. I am getting pissed and stressed about it. And if one more person tells me that muscle weighs more than fat, I am doing to punch them. I am not powerlifting. I'm doing cardio! Apparently, I need to do more cardio. I'm just so gunshy about messing up my legs.


Jenna said...

Because you don't know where I live, I am going to say it: Muscle weighs more than fat. How are your clothes fitting? Get some pants that are a size too small and try them on every week to see if you notice a difference. Much better method than frustrating yourself with weigh-ins.

Michelle said...

For fear of a blog punch - i wont say it. But IT IS TRUE!! =)

Why give a darn about the lbs #??

Its the inches that matter my dear. I am 150lbs and a size 6. Thus most people think I'm in the 130lbs range. My fiance and toss me over his shoulder with no issue, so I really don't give a darn about what the scale says. I like the way I look. Thats the kicker youre going for.

Take a picture of yourself weekly.. bet you notice differences then.

btw - you really do need weight training with the cardio. A flabby size 4 can be more UNattractive than a firm 6 or 8.

style-ish said...

you know I'm the same way and what made a difference for me was that I really stepped up my cardio to make me work harder. I love the treadmill so I started doing interval training on the treadmill. I got all my interval training routines off of It just helps me work that much harder which I think made a bigger difference to my body.

tina said...

I know! I know! I normally do my weight training immediately after my cardio. I need to start being more discliplined about packing my gym bag at night and going to bed at a reasonable hour so that I can arrive at the gym 45 minutes early every morning. Preparation and pre-planning are always KEY to my success. I wish that I could remember that when I feel lazy. That is going to be my focus for this week. I'm also going to start adding 5 minutes to my cardio so that I can work up to 45 minute sessions. Cardio is CRUCIAL for me. Staying off my legs in the pool 2-3 week has been do good for my stress fractures.

Dana said...

I am working out too. If you know any good arm exercise, please pass them along to and feel free to visit my blog at

Tilly said...

I totally agree with what's been said about the scale not being the most important part--it's how the clothes/dress fits and how you feel. I work out regularly and always have, but my body seems to mostly stay the same. But I'm going to start trying to make small (VERY small) adjustments in my diet and see how that helps. Hope it will!! And good luck!

A Bride in the Making said...

Lol! I'm with you Tina. I threaten my scale every week. I swear that one day I will just throw it out since it obviously it's broken...haha.

Here's my two cents - eat less. I've trained with a personal trainer who told me that results come from 80% diet. Know how many calories you take in, dont just guesstimate.... More green, less white when it comes to your food. Becareful with fruit - some have lots of sugar.

I'm 5'4 so I need only 1200 cals a day to make that scale move. Fiber not protein will keep you satisfied longer.

Go tina!