Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do I or Don't I?

If I do any veil, I am doing a birdcage veil for the ceremony only. Check out this beauty from So cute. However, I think that this is a perfect example of something that I'd take a "risk" on only to end up looking like an a-hole. (I speak from experience.)

I think that if I do this, I'd have to change into simple pearl studs for the ceremony.

I don't know what to do! Is it too much? The price is sure right. Should I jump on it? Please, please, please weigh-in with a comment. Oh, and for your reference, here is the tentative hairstyle that my hairstylist and I agreed upon. We'll modify the bangs to accommodate my beefy face:

Image: In Style Wedding

These are my other top etsy runners for now:

P.S. For the record, I can't stand how blogger handles basic HTML.

P.S.S. I hate that you can't return etsy purchases.


jessica lynn said...

love love love the first picture! you should TOTALLY do it! wear that for the ceremony and then take it off for the reception and rock out that hairstyle that you and your stylist have agreed on. You will look so cute!!

Michelle said...

If you are really worried about it not looking like the way you wanted it to - the last picture posted is pretty close to risk free, and would free you of worries about changing earrings etc.

It does suck that you cant return anything on etsy - but it is also understandable.

Just a thought - If you really think the first one is the one you want - buy it now! put it on and see if you like it. If you hate it, the birdcage veil is so popular right now you can sell it on ebay or craigslist with no issues.

Michelle said...

oh yeah - one last thought - unless you are the bridezilla; no one is going to think you're an a*hole on your wedding day. Its like beer goggles.... everything looks beautiful at a wedding! =)

Big Shot said...

The Unbride featured Castle Bride birdcages not too long ago. It's truly my favorite birdcage site.

Jenna said...

I agree with everyone else, go with the last one if you are wavering a little bit. I think the birdcage takes a lot of confidence because it is not the standard veil. If you are going to do it, then rock it all the way!

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

You simply MUST wear a veil. No question. That first one is adorable and you can totally pull it off. The last one is kind of pointless. It looks like an after thought. Make it deliberate and make it fabluous! And don't even think for ONE MINUTE that you are going to have the time or the desire to remember to change your earrings. You won't. You just won't.

Tara said...

i love that first one. it is seriously cool.

the third one would be my second choice- if you aren't sure about it then this one is a little less 'in your face' {he he he}

i don't like the second one as much... i think i would feel claustrophobic in it... kind of looks like it would be touching my face too much for my comfort... but that is my opinion.

that first one is so cool.

Tara said...

love the hairstyle too!

Bella Signature Design said...

I LOVE!!!!!! the first one - it has style, it says something - and you wouldn't be considering it if it didn't suit you :) For my wedding in 2003, I HAD to had chartreuse green shoes - I was getting married in the caribeean, had a great a line simple dress with a custom Chartreuse sash. A tthe time the Laboutin's didn't exist (thank GOD) so I took a shoe I lvoed the style of and dyed them - they looked GREAT peeking out from my dress and I LOVED the pictures!! I highly recommend this with one caveat - they do turn your feet green! (which was funny since we were married ont he becah and I did end up taking them off :)