Monday, April 21, 2008


Our groomsmen will be wearing custom-made brown sport coats with chinos and some combination of these cool Geoffrey Beene ties from Macy's. I'm not going to place my vote because I think that it should be Andy's decision. (I just get to do all of the leg work!) How lucky did I get finding a line that had eight different ties in the same color palette?

Tie Option 1
Left to Right: Groomsman #1, Best Man, Groomsman #2

The rusty sienna color matches the bridesmaid dresses almost perfectly. It's a shade darker, so it looks great without being all matchy-match. I like that the three guys will wear different ties with the single color tying them together.

Tie Option 2 -- Andy's Current Favorite
Left to Right: Groomsman #1, Best Man, Groomsman #2

The middle tie is one that I bought a while back. The orange is lighter and brighter, but it still picks up the different shades in the others. Andy is also considering just getting three of the middle ties.

Tie Option 3
Left to Right: Groomsman #1, Best Man, Groomsman #2

This was the original option that I presented to Andy, but he nixxed the dot tie for the best man. So, we'll use it for the dads.

Dad Ties
Left: Andy's Dad's Tie; Right: My Dad's Tie (picked out by my mom)

Andy's Tie

Unfortunately, finding a complimentary tie for Andy is going to be a pain in the a*s, as he needs a tall tie. I have checked two Nordstroms, four Macy's, and a Jos A. Bank. They have a combined total of one and a half tables of ties. Unfortunately, I've also wasted a good two or three hours browsing online. Since I can't find a striped or paisley tie for him (his original request), he's thinking that he wants to go with a solid rust colored tie. There will be a good amount of fabric leftover from one of the bridesmaid dresses, so I might be able to have a tie made for him if we're down to the wire.

I wish that I could take two regular ties and have them made into an XL tie, but no can do.


ley said...

Yeah, my fiance is 6'11", so it's been hard finding wedding day attire for him, too. Try Casual Male XL or JoS A Bank. They have online stores, and we've had good luck there before.

Kelly said...

We just bought ties for our GMs at JCPenney. They have TONS of ties and a lot of them come in XL online. We needed 3 reg and 1 xl and we found just what we needed there...with matching pocket squares to boot!

Otherwise, maybe check Kohl's, they have a large tie selection also.

Elizabeth said...

Definitely check Kohl's - worth a shot. We never thought we would find coordinating ties that were all different prints, and certainly not from the same store. But one random day we looked at Kohl's and found EIGHT teal and black ties that all coordinated, plus they were on sale and I had an additional coupon. I think we ended up getting them for about $14 each. Crazy awesome!

Tara said...

there are definitely more/wider selection in the stores that online for like macy's and nordstrom...

Linda said...

I found this store:
I saw a paisley Geoffery Beane there. HTH!