Monday, April 14, 2008

Orange with Envy

The orange shoes arrived today! I love, love, love them! Everyone in the office agreed that they're just perfect. But I must say, my size 10 Volkswagens look HUGE in orange.

The ivory satin shoes arrived last week...WRAPPED IN NEWSPAPER. I am not even kidding you. The seller literally packed WHITE SATIN SHOES IN NEWSPAPER to protect them during mailing. He told me to try Woolite to get stains out, but I've been too busy to try. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm going to be so p*ssed if it doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

you can also try Shout wipes. when my sister got makeup on her wedding dress (satin) during her portrait...someone told her to use Shout wipes. they worked great. and were gentle enough for the fabric.

i am a huge user of the Tide To-Go pen. i am constantly spilling everything on myself, and it works great. and fast.

good luck! love both shoes by the way.

Tara said...

i agree with trying the tide to go pen... or something along those lines.

those orange flats are So Cute! They will look awesome poking out from beneath your dress...