Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Do!

I did it! I bought the veil!

I couldn't risk losing it for the price. And if it doesn't work for me, I will try to resell it. And if I can't, oh well. I'd probably waste that same amount of money on paper projects without batting an eye.

I hate how I second guess myself all of the time. After I posted this last night, I was thinking, "It's just a veil. What's the big deal? I'm going to do it, I might as well commit to it and do it right." And it's not like I'm so cutting edge for sticking a feather on top of my head. If anything, I am so Wicker Park circa 1998.

Besides, these are the only other veils that I've "loved" so far...and they cost almost as much as the Christian Louboutins. If I win the Powerball, there is a chance that I am upgrading.

Images: Castle Bride

I also bought something else today. Apparently, I bid on these on ebay and forgot about them until I got the auction announcement this afternoon.

Even if they don't work out as my party shoes, I am sure that I could find someplace to wear them. :)

Thank you to everyone who left a comment. And thank you for all of the Costa Rica information. I appreciate everyone's links and e-mails so much! If anyone wants to come to Chicago, I owe you some info! :)


jessica lynn said...

yay! i love it already! can't wait to see the whole look!

Tara said...

Yeah! I bet it will look awesome.