Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged again by Bridal Cheek and Amanda at Blue Sky Bride! Since I've already tagged six people, I'll just provide nine more inane facts about myself...which is like participating 1.5 more times. (i.e., I am procrastinating on doing the work that I brought home tonight.)

  1. I was going to be named "Lisa Marie" until about a week before I was born. My mom decided that there were too many "Lisa Maries" and selected my new name while watching the opening credits of Gilligan's Island during her final week of pregnancy.

  2. My eldest godson and I share the same birthday...almost to the minute.

  3. Bill Murray is my ultimate celebrity crush. I fell in love with him while watching SNL reruns as a kid and never fell out of love. I spent the entire viewing of "Lost in Translation" mentally superimposing myself into Scarlett Johansson's role.

  4. I don't like the Beach Boys. They don't annunciate when they sing.
  5. I tell people that I have to wear flat shoes because of my stress fractures and knee pain; while that is true some days, the real truth is I've just gotten lazy.

  6. All of my non-inherited furniture is from Target.

  7. I used to write "Tina + Kirk" on my mom's lunch bags because I loved Kirk Cameron.

  8. Joey McIntyre was my favorite New Kid on the Block.

  9. My head is too mishapen for headbands. This has bothered me ever since I saw Elisabeth Shue wear bandanas to the beach in Karate Kid.

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jmoh said...

I confirm all the things that my sister writes is true. Who is the younger one here?