Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally Picked for Dodgeball

I've been tagged by Life is Reed-iculous!, who also hates putting away clean laundry.

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Here are my six random facts:
  1. I live walking distance to a very nice public pool but drive 15 minutes to the one at the gym because it's only 3' 10" deep. (I am too afraid of deep water to go the close one.)
  2. I don't eat the tips of hot dogs and sausages. Or bread and pizza crusts.
  3. My left foot is almost a half size smaller than my right foot.
  4. I don't like super sweet ice cream or ice creams that have too many flavors, like blueberry cheesecake or cake batter ice cream.
  5. I spend my entire commute to work talking myself out of getting a breakfast sandwich from McDonald's. Everyday.
  6. I can't stand when an elevator door is closing and someone runs up and busts in.

I tag:
  1. Chitown Bride.
  2. Glamour This!.
  3. In This Instance.
  4. Silly Little Mischief.
  5. tying the knot.
  6. A Windy City Wedding.

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