Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To DOC or Not DOC?

Happy Tax Day

I've decided to check out Day of Coordinators for kicks. For miscellaneous reasons, I think that the peace of mind on wedding day would be a wise investment for me. And I think that not worrying about me freaking out will help Andy cold chill a bit come D-day.

I've already met with one coordinator and, while she definitely sold me on the virtues of a DOC, her proposal was twice our DOC budget. I have a meeting with a second DOC today and, judging from the look of her company's web site, I think that I'll like their style...get it?

P.S. How adorable is that bride's dress? I looked everywhere for a polka dot dress when I first started browsing, but couldn't find any for my body type. How cute is she!


Amanda said...

I think we're going to do our damndest to have a day-of-coordinator but I'm not even sure if they have them in our neck of the woods. :(

FYI, you've been tagged!

Jenna said...

Try looking on Craigslist or some wedding boards. I found mine for $150 total using the Weddingbee boards.