Monday, April 7, 2008


...I just bought these on ebay for $50:

They're kind of boring, so, I think that I will dye them the salmon color from my invites or the color of the orange circles in Andy's tie.

The low-price means that I can buy these for the party:

...and still come out $562 ahead of the green Christian Louboutins!

I think that it's so apropos that my wedding shoes will have the brand name marked out to prevent return. I'm such an ebay whore. All but two pairs of boots that I own were purchased from ebay. It always makes me laugh to see my shoe stash under my desk with the brand names blacked out. I am like a Reverse Label Whore. Ha. Ha.

(fingers crossed that the satin shoes workout!)

trix, how cute are these red shoes? don't they just scream "let's go to field's for salads?"

Images: 1-2, ebay seller, stunning_styles; 3-4, j. crew


Tara said...

ha! i have checked out those shoes on ebay too! we almost ended up with a matching venue and matching shoes!

HappyAmy said...

I love them! Can't wait to see them in salmon. The after-shoes are adorable too. Perfect.

sarah said...

those do scream let's go to fields for special steak salads! ahh, back when my feet were accustomed to walking 8 blocks in cute heels up to cta platforms, down cobblestone alleys, across icy bridges and slippery marble floors. i get a blister from nine west flats these days!