Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saved by the Blog!

Man, the Blog Babes totally saved my a*s today!

First, Natalie of i heart peonies met me outside of my office this morning and bought my unused Calligraphy for Dummies book and calligraphy pens. Not only did she do me a HUGE favor, but she came to my front door to do it! Thanks again, Natalie!

Second, Linda of Silly Little Mischief left a comment on yesterday's tie post. She found an XL PAISLEY GEOFFREY BEENE TIE IN THE PERFECT COLOR SCHEME! I actually yelped when I first saw it. Do you realize how much leg work this saves me? Seriously, if you were in Chicago, I'd buy you coffee, beer, candy, or something equally affordable and full of gratitude and debt. (Honestly, that tie wasn't out there on Saturday.) Here is the tie:

Of course, now that I've purchased the paisley tie (which he requested in the first place), Andy's saying that he definitely wants the solid color. Sigh. I am e-mailing the Geoffrey Beene showroom in NYC to see if they can locate one. If they can't, he's getting the paisley tie or a custom-made tie made from the fabric from the bridesmaid dresses. It won't be a perfect match, but I'm done spinning my wheels on this one.

Here's how they look all together. I think that the paisley is a so-so addition, but I think that it's the different image types. I bet that it will look better in person.

Images: The Silk Tie Factory and with this ring, i thee obsess


Linda said...

Hey, I'm glad to help a fellow blogger out. Too bad he wants a solid tie now!

natalie said...

thank me?! you crazy. you helped me! i am actually playing with the pens right now :)