Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because I'm So Vain...

For some reason, I just love this tray from last issue of the Chicago The Knot magazine. I think that it's a whimsical way to incorporate your logo or event design into the cocktail hour without being too over the top. (Seriously, you know that, like, three of your girlfriends would notice it!) It would look great in a lucite tray.

Image: The Knot Chicago Magazine

I have been obsessed with lucite trays ever since I stumbled upon these at Christmas time. I wanted to put one on my Christmas list, but figured that I should wait until I get my new name. (And a condo big enough too hold frivolities like lucite trays.) It would be cool to have a large tray with both of our names on it. I'd have a hard time picking a design though. I love them all!

All personalized tray images:


Linda said...

That doesn't look like it would be hard to recreate yourself. Perhaps a quick (if you had the design ready) DIY project.

Anonymous said...

I love these! I saw them in a magazine recently.

If you wanted to DIY for a little less Crate and Barrel or CB2 has a square acrylic tray that is super cute. I can't find it online right now, but it was in a catalog I got recently.

Big Shot said...

Totally. Love it!!