Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girly Overload

Remember a while back when I said that I wasn't going to give 1154 Lill Purses to my bridesmaids? Well, my sister didn't like that post very much. She essentially came right out and told me that she was getting an 1154 Lill purse and that I was giving it to her. Then my other bridesmaid, LP, mentioned a few weeks back that she wanted to make a new purse. Well, I invited them to join me last Thursday at the "From One Shoulder to Another" event. It was one of my most fun moments since being engaged. My sister, LP, our friend VP, and I enjoyed a great evening of creativity and girliness. It was so fun!

Here's a photo of my sister and I showing off our fabric selections. I am sticking my gut out because I want people to *think* that I'm fat. I hate when I am mistaken as a size 2.

And LP and VP:

I forgot to ask LP and VP if I could put their photos up here. I assure you that, under the dots, they're having a blast.

My sister and LP made reversible clutches for the wedding and large, oversized bags for everyday use.

My Sister's Bags:

LP's Bags:

My sister bought me this clutch
to use on wedding day
as VERY EARLY birthday gift:

And VP made this cool bag:

If I had tons of disposable income, I would have also made this bag:

And maybe these too (those yellow dots are KILLING ME!):

All images created on the 1154 Lill Web Site.

Note to All Budget Brides and Other Cheap B*tches:

1154 Lill is offering 15% off purchases for each gently used purse that you donate to the Dress for Success charity during the month of June. This applies to online purchases too. See the events section of their Web site for details.


Maria said...

Cool purses!

PS. One could awlays rationalize getting an iphone for Christmas - I may be pulling that one for next Christmas since my birthday is in December as well...gives me enough time to a) get out of my current contract and b) wait for the latest version of the new iphone. OoOoO...cant wait!

Kate said...

So freaking cute!

Oh and TAG! You're it!

Riley said...

Those are incredibly cute purses!! I've never heard of them before. I will have to spend more time on their website....

Dana said...

Those purses are so cute. When I was looking at them I could see the outfits in my closet that could go with each of them.