Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TO: tina & andy CONGRATS FROM: tina & andy

Our first wedding present was ordered us. My friend VP noticed this message, re: the everyday dishes on our Crate & Barrel registry.

Andy was the one who selected our dishes when we registered. When I e-mailed him to let him know about the discontinuation, he was so disappointed that he actually told me to track them down and order them. I am not even kidding. He really did. I found that odd, hilarious, and endearing. The Michigan Avenue Crate & Barrel located 50 dinner plates at a store in Dallas. I originally planned to only order the dinner and salad plates to save money and was planning to pray that we got the rest of the items before they sold out. While I was on the phone with the rep, I realized that it was more affordable to just snap up the whole set for a few bucks more, so I did. These are our "new" dishes, which will go into storage at Andy's aunt's house until we move into a bigger place next year:

Images: Crate & Barrel

I'll run and buy the large bowls this weekend to complete the set. Aren't the plates huge? I think that's why Andy loves them. In his giant linebacker hands, these seem like dessert plates!


Jenna said...

Sounds like letting the FI pick out a few items off the registry is a good investment...

Kate said...

Hehe - how cute! My FH is picky about these kinds of things as well so I totally feel you there!

I LOVED those dishes - we had such a hard time picking out our set and we ended up with Crate & Barrel's Aspen set. It's pretty basic, but I love it.

Kelly said...


122LOVESME said...

Mr. 122 has been very opinionated about our registry. He likes to be involved.

P.S. TAG :)