Thursday, June 26, 2008

Monogram Etiquette

I am planning on hyphenating my name after we get married. I will be "Ms. Tina L. W******-C******. " Does anyone know if I can use a "C" monogram at the wedding if I'm only half of a C******? (That reads dirty, doesn't it?) I'd like to use the "C" monogram on napkins and the card box if possible. I think that it would be a small gesture that Andy would appreciate.

Google searches have mainly returned answers, re: correspondence. This site says that I should use TW-AC, but that will look dumb. And I don't think that it will help convince Andy to accept my decision.

What do you think? Does it matter? Please comment. Thanks.

Your Pal,

Tina the Half C-word

P.S. The "ta" pumpkin isn't complete. I got lazy.

P.S.S. My original instinct is so say "F It" and splash the "C" around, but I know some people that would probably comment on it that day or talk about me later on.


Veronica said...

I love the the "C"s. Especially the pumpkin Black and White C. =o)

122LOVESME said...

i say f*** it, SPLASH THE C!!! i'm honestly a little jealous of your hyphen-ability. my last name is seven letters, and mr. 122's last name is eleven letters! i wish i could hyphen because there are no more boys in our family to carry on the name, so i say go for it and do it however you want! :)

Riley said...

I think it would totally be fine!!! I mean, not everyone will know that you're hyphenating, so they'll just think it's ya'll's last name. The other people will just figure out it stands for the shared last name. If anyone gets offended over something so stupid - screw 'em!!
Use the C.

By the way, I'm really thinking I'd like to hyphenate too. But I know my fiancee wants me to take his last name. Any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

Cs all the way, all over the place! Most people will assume you're becoming a C anyway. Even if they know you're technically a W-C, it represents you joining the C clan... which is special in itself and should be celebrated! ;-)

Kate said...

Hahahaha...oh this post cracked me up just by association of letters ("Half C" and "T&A"). Thank you for the afternoon pick-me-up! ;)

I think the C's look absolutely adorable and would be fine.