Saturday, June 21, 2008

Real Wedding

I saw these pix on delish and am jealous. I'd be screaming as the boat launched and have to wear a life jacket.

Images: NY Times

Check out the article about their wedding in the NY Times. This guy's pretty Type A for such a footloose and fancy free wedding. Their story was stressing me out as a I read it. But that could have been because the NY Times writing style makes even the most trivial story sound complex. I do love how every word links to its definition though. Today I had to look up "coxswain."

P.S. Her dress is pretty, no? (Wink, Wink)


Anonymous said...

Eeeek. That's the BCBG dress that caused me to have a mental breakdown the day I saw it because I totally second-guessed my dress purchase. Mine is similar, but not as light (and since we're getting married in the Dominican, I went through a phase where I thought my dress would be too hot). Actually, I meant to comment on it but never did... my dress is the exact same as yours, except for the neckline. You have great taste! ;-)

Erin Marie said...

Reading this makes me feel better about my fiance. He has to research EVERYTHING and takes FOREVER to make a decision. This was a great reminder that it could always be worse....and that I love him in spite of it all:)