Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anyone Looking For a Wedding Gift For Us...

...that may feel crass just handing us $1,500 in cash (you shouldn't, really) can give us one of these. The open editions are only $150, but the limited and one-of-a-kind ones are so pretty. And while they may be girly, I'm the one who will be responsible for art work physically being hung for the next 50+ years, so until Andy picks up a hammer and hangs something, he doesn't get an opinion. (Can you tell that I am still bitter that he never hung the vintage sports pix that I gave him in January 2006? I just moved them to a new corner of the apartment a few weeks ago. I needed them out of sight.)

Those bright frames have me thinking...I got swindled* into buying a painting from his guy in Venice last summer:

I was just thinking that I need to get it framed before it gets ruined sitting in plastic. I was going to put it in a plain white gallery frame, but I wonder i it would look cool in a fancy gilded frame spray-painted a pretty color? Hmmm... Explosions of Dots aside, I have been drawn to simplier aesthetics these past few years. I need to mull this over. The painting is of a canal and similar in style to the one in the photo. Oh, except mine has a big bent edge from where it got caught in the train as I tried to reboard the train in a MAD PANIC after I got off alone in the wrong town en route to Florence and realized it after the doors closed and I was standing alone in the station.

I am always drawn to the most random prints that I have no idea how I will use. I always thought that I'd do something like this when I finally lived somewhere with more than four walls.

Image: Pottery Barn

*Piehole, would you say "swindled" or "strong-armed?" Letters of Reference from Frank Sinatra aside, he did kind of yell at me. Maybe "suckered" is more like it. Even that curator guy from the Peggy Guggenheim museum didn't want to pay his prices.

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Riley said...

Ha ha ha - your train incident sounds like something that would happen to me!!
I really love that the frames "match" the background colors - I think they're pretty cool actually.
But if you want to unite a diverse variety of prints and pics, using the simpler frames would work best.